Kelli Gillam - Production and Tax Incentive Accountant in California

Experienced Los Angeles, California, Production Accountant Kelli Gillam

Kelli Gillam is an experienced Production Tax Incentive Accountant and Consultant based in Los Angeles, California. In recent years she has provided tax incentive and production accounting services to a number of recognizable film projects and television programs, including Hoodwinked Two, Dave Chapelle’s Block Party, Deadliest Catch, Crash, and many more. Over the course of her career Kelli Gillam has worked with Franchise Pictures and Yari Film Group, among other film and television companies. More recently, she managed the Tax Incentives for OP Services, LLC, in Burbank, California, and contributed production accounting services to the VICE documentary series Jungletown.

Ms. Gillam prepared for her work in the field by studying accounting at Pepperdine University, from which she received a bachelor of science. She began her career as an assistant production accountant and later as a payroll accountant and a post production accountant. Over the next decade, she gained experience with accounting matters related to major film productions through her work on projects such as Jurassic Park 3 and Beverly Hills Cop 3.